When it comes to entry-level cars, there's a few staples that exist. And, honestly, they're all good vehicles. It's a matter of figuring out which shoe fits, really.

Although Honda had a rough few years of turning out products that induced yawns, the company woke up about a handful of years ago. It's been putting out hits since. One of those is the Civic.

After driving it when it had its all-new debut, I was shocked. It was fun, economical and good looking — at least to me.

Does that remain true in 2019 though after a mild refresh? How does it stack up to the latest competition?

Seek and ye shall find, Spies! Check out Roadshow's perspective, below.

2019 Honda Civic Sedan Review: The top compact sedan gets a bit better. Midcycle refresh updates perk up exterior styling, while thoughtful cabin changes make the 2019 Honda Civic easier to live with. Read the full review -

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, Does The Honda Civic Still OWN The Compact Car Class?

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