Boy. From where we're sitting, it appears that General Motors' luxury division, Cadillac, is in a world of trouble. I wouldn't say it's circling the drain but it certainly is entering the downward spiral.

Just check out its most recent debuts in form of the XT6, CT5 and now the CT4-V and CT5-V. Unless these vehicles drive like they're on magic carpets, never break down and are priced right, they all are MAJOR misses.

If they were off here or there, that's one thing. This is another.

The XT5 and Escalade are dated and can't stand up to the competition without massive incentivization. They need a serious, all-new generation of these two products, ASAP. But if the XT6 is any indication of what's in store we'll need to bring in the body bags.

Having said that, we have to ask: Is Cadillac on course to go the way of the dodo bird in 10 year's time?

Will Cadillac Even EXIST 10 Years From Today?

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