One all-new vehicle we've been eagerly awaiting is the all-new Land Rover Defender.

In recent months though, I think it's safe to say our balloon that was once flying high has slowly been getting deflated. You see, more and more is starting to become apparent.

The heavy cladding is coming off the prototypes. The interior has been leaked. There's a high chance that it will be powered by groggy four-cylinder motors.

All in, the picture is starting to get rather bleak.

The latest rendering seems to give us an idea of what the upcoming Defender *might* look like. Is the rendering perfect? No, these things rarely are. But, we've got to ask: IF the Defender looks like THIS would you give it two thumbs UP or DOWN?

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RENDERED SPECULATION: IF This Is What The All-new Land Rover Defender Looks Like Would YOU Give It Two Thumbs UP or DOWN?

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