And the war of words begins.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume was recently interviewed by a German publication known as Handelsblatt and while he covered a variety of topics, one particularly interesting subject came up. That would be the all-new Taycan electric vehicle that's been under development.

Blume noted several interesting tidbits about Porsche's first-even full-on EV.

One was that the vehicle's development was incredibly difficult for the world-famous German brand. In addition, he expressed extreme confidence in the company's upcoming product.

So much so that he suggested that people will not be talking about Tesla after the Taycan's debut. That may come back to bite Blume in the ass.

The most interesting part, from my point of view, was when the Porsche executive expressed excitement for the Taycan. He noted he had recently been at a circuit with it in Italy doing testing and he's particularly impressed by its driving dynamics. He attributes this to the vehicle's low center of gravity, which is lower than the 911, as they can mount the batteries lower in the chassis.

Time will tell, Spies. We'll keep you updated with the latest.

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