When you look at the latest and greatest automotive interior designs, they're not particularly revolutionary. What you have is a lot of derivative looks.

Well, with exception of the Tesla Model 3, which is quite sterile and has that tacked-on screen look. But I think most would agree that's a bit too far in the wrong direction.

Coming from the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Byton, is something a world's difference from what we're seeing out there today. It looks like a concept vehicle.

That's because it features a 48-inch display that essentially wraps around the top of the dashboard.

If that weren't enough, it also has a seven-inch display integrated into the driver's steering wheel and an eight-inch display that's centrally located by the armrest. It all seems a bit overkill, however, people are on a screen kick lately. Maybe it makes sense?

That said, I've got to ask: Is THIS the interior of the future you were hoping for?

Is THIS The Interior Of The Future You Were Hoping For?

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