One of the major things that happens when you're driving a bunch of vehicles and offering a critique of each is you soon start to get a bit jaded. It's natural, really.

You're just exposed to so much and there's a certain amount of cyclicality in this game. I try my best to check my attitude at the door.

This year I've been excited to drive a smattering of vehicles. And, interestingly enough, one of those is the all-new Nissan Leaf. As one of the more economical electric vehicles though, I see it as a window into the future.

Sure, its design isn't going to win any awards and its interior is that of an economy car, but the same can be said of my daily driver Volkswagen Golf. It's purpose is to be an appliance.

Our friends at CAR magazine recently published its 10-month log for its long-term Leaf. And, I found the results a bit shocking. That's because the Leaf is doing something that may come as a bit of a surprise.

It's impressing.

See why via the "Read More" link, below.

With increasing rarity a car will come along delivering such a knockout punch in one specific area that it completely recalibrates your clemency counter, and you find yourself forgiving it for all its other shortcomings and foibles. Nissan’s new Leaf did that to me. Quite unexpectedly, too...

...It took just a month and 1000 miles to realise my mistake. I recall with clarity parking up at home after returning from Weybridge – a 140 mile trip undertaken at get-a-serious-wiggle-on-or-we’re-going-to-be-late pace – and realising I’d not given a second through to the Leaf’s range...

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