One of our favorite vehicles here at AutoSpies is the current-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee. Known for being developed in partnership with Daimler, it shares some of the chassis magic that made the last-gen Mercedes-Benz ML turned GLE-Class a success.

There's just one problem.

The Grand Cherokee today is feeling a bit long in the tooth. While it's still a great product that you can get a nice deal on, it's not the benchmark any longer. So, out with the old and in with the new.

Slated for 2022 — we're guessing the 2022 model year — will be the all-new Grand Cherokee. And snapped for the very first time are spy shots of one of the first prototypes.

Given that this is the first time it's being seen out and about, it is a very early prototype. That means it is equipped with heavy camouflage and has the same qualities of a black garbage bag. What we can tell though is that it will remain largely the same from a size/proportions perspective.

Having said that, we were a bit curious though: What do YOU think the all-new Grand Cherokee NEEDS to SUCCEED in its respective segment?

Remember, the competition is hotter than ever before.

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SPIED! FIRST Pics Of The Next-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee Hit The 'Net — What Will It NEED To SUCCEED?

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