In the world of full-size, luxury sport-utility vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class is one of the go-to choices. And, come to think of it, until recently there wasn't much competition.

There's always been the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade. But now with the all-new Navigator actually being competitive and all-new BMW X7 getting a ton of attention, the GLS has its work cut out for itself.

These are some great products and the three-pointed star needs to bring the heat.

So, how did it do?

Our friends at Auto Express posted its review this week and if the verdict is to be believed, the GLS is a helluva pick. Whether or not it's the one to have over its competition is yet to be determined but it seems like it's worth checking out.

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The Mercedes GLS takes a huge leap over its predecessor. It has superb comfort and refinement, while offering more space than nearly anything else for the money. We think E-Active Body Control will be worth the wait: the ride quality is sublime. We can nitpick that the dash looks too much like the cheaper GLE’s and that the car might be a bit big for urban UK roads, but otherwise the GLS is a hit.

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