You know what they say about learning something new everyday, right? Well, that just happened.

According to the latest research conducted by Esurance, it's not quite what you'd think. When analyzing the states with the most dangerous roads, it turns out that there was a common thread. And it wasn't what you'd expect.

The common thread was that states with the most dangerous roads tended to be rural. Although one would suspect that the more densely populated areas would suffer greater consequences, the inverse is true.

That's because rural roads have higher speed limits, police forces are stretched thin and the conditions of the roads are not as tip top.

All that said, I've got to ask: Are YOU surprised?

When you think of dangerous places to drive, you might think of California's sprawling freeways or New York's infamous side streets. You might also think of rush-hour traffic in some of America's most congested cities — and the irate commuter stuck in gridlock traffic.

So, it might come as a surprise to learn the top 10 most dangerous states for drivers are chock-full of rural routes and country roads. And based on our analysis of 4 states, speeding — even more so than distracted driving — still tops the list of dangerous driving behaviors...

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Are YOU Surprised? U.S.' Most DANGEROUS Roads Aren't In The City...

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