In recent years it has been very interesting to watch the transformation of certain brands. Obviously, some marques have gone through an evolution for the better. The others? For the worse.

One of those companies that's made strides is Volvo.

Leaning heavily on its sport-utility vehicle offerings to drive the Swedish company forward, it seems it's finally gotten the message. Build MORE SUVs!

According to a senior executive, there's two routes the company is considering. It may either build a model that sits ABOVE the XC90 as a flagship. Or, it may build a vehicle that sits below the zesty XC40, THINK: Lexus UX.

As of now the jury is out and we're left waiting. But, I've got to ask: WHICH model do YOU think would do Volvo the MOST good?

Volvo is actively considering expanding its line-up of SUVs to include a larger model above the XC90 and a smaller vehicle below XC40, the company’s CEO has told Auto Express...

...Volvo is undergoing a cost-streaming exercise to help restore profit growth in the second half of the year - and fresh production capacity, including the ability to produce the XC40 locally in China, should help the Geely-owned company to continue its progress. 

However, Samuelsson admitted to Auto Express that while the company’s strong run of sales figures has been achieved through filling obvious holes in its product line-up - completing the ‘90’ and ‘60’ series of models, and working on the successor for the V40 to sit alongside the XC40 - it is also considering adding cars in new segments...

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RUMOR: Vovlo Is Looking At Adding MORE SUVs — Could Result In NEW Flagship And Compact SUV

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