Idiotic automotive enthusiasts participating in what's known as 'sideshows,' are going to be in for a rude awakening. That's because the police is cracking down on these informal happenings.

Not sure what a sideshow is? Well, don't feel lonely.

I only learned about this after reading this story.

Essentially, it's when gearheads come together and shut down a relatively small area (e.g., parking lots, intersections or even highways — in this case Interstate 5.). Then, the show begins.

Drifting, burnouts, the works. Think of it as akin to breakdancing just this is actually dangerous as bystanders have been hit previously.

The latest bust up happened in Sacramento. Seven were arrested, nine autos were impounded and 27 people were given citations. That's because even by just watching a sideshow you're technically breaking the law.

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California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrested seven people and impounded nine vehicles after a so-called "sideshow" on Interstate 5 in Sacramento on Sunday.

The arrests included an exhibition of speed and being under the influence, according to a CHP press release. An exhibition of speed includes things like the sideshow itself, burnouts and donuts...

Wonder what a sideshow is? Learn more, below.

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7 Arrested, 9 Vehicles Impounded, 27 Cited After Sacramento 'Sideshow'

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