Automakers like Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are known for their extreme testing procedures. They take developmental prototypes across the globe and rack up millions of miles before shipping products.

It's pretty amazing to see these autos in the Arctic, Death Valley and, sometimes, even the world famous Nürburgring.

When it comes to the all-new Land Rover Defender though, I think it's safe to say we didn't expect it to make a trip to The Green Hell. We understand its driving dynamics should be in check but, uh, this seems a bit out of place.

The Defender's primary purpose is for utility and off-roading. Although we know many drivers based in the States may not indulge in the latter, that was why the Defender was originally conceived.

That said, if you've been DYING to see a box make its way around the 'Ring, look no further, Spies!

SPIED + VIDEO: The Next-gen Land Rover Defender Gets Nabbed In One Of The MOST UNLIKELY Places...

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