Every now and then, I'll be happily going about my day and then it shows up. It's a pretty rare occasion, I must admit, but every single time I see it, I stop what I am doing and I wonder "What if?"

Even though I am happy with my BMW M2, when I see an Alpine White or Jet Black BMW 1M, I am always thrown for a loop. It's kind of like an ex that makes you stop and go "Hmm..."

I go back to my time with the 1M. The driving dynamics, the sound, the interior, the way the dash used Alcantara and the seats used an orange stitch.

Ultimately, it was a slightly different experience, soup to nuts. The M2 is more refined in just about every way where as the 1M is, overall, more raw in its delivery.

With a greater emphasis on simplicity, I do have some regret I didn't hold out on my search. Then again, I do appreciate memory power seats when I valet and then again it is handy to leverage the features of BMW Connect through the navigation unit.

All that said, I've got to ask: Is there a car you REGRET not buying? If so, what is it?

Is There A Car You REGRET Not Buying? If So, What Was It?

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