Let's just get this out of the way. I drive, daily, into and out of New York's Manhattan.

I don't do it because it's a luxury. Unfortunately, It's become a necessity in a difficult situation.

And the city is going great guns on a war on personal vehicles. For the past handful of years the city has been doing a lot of things to make it difficult as a driver.

First it was the bicycle lanes and bumped out parking along busy avenues. Second came the bus lanes across major cross streets. Next is the banning of vehicular traffic and the implementation of a congestion charge.

Just push it to the max.

Although I understand traffic has reached a fever pitch, to me, it seems like this conclusion hasn't been reached with intellectual honesty. With all of the drastic changes made to the city streets that IMPEDE traffic, now traffic has, predictably, gotten worse.

So, I've got to ask, Spies: Is NYC out of its DAMN MIND or is it onto...something? What say you?

...Now, officials are taking their biggest step yet in making cars unwelcome on streets that they have ruled since they started rolling off Henry Ford’s assembly line. They are moving to all but ban from one of Manhattan’s main thoroughfares.

The busiest stretch of 14th Street — a major crosstown route for 21,000 vehicles a day that links the East and West Sides — will mostly be off limits to cars. Drivers will be allowed onto the street for just a block or two to make deliveries and pick up and drop off passengers. Then they will have to turn off...

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Is NYC Out Of Its DAMN MIND or Is It Onto Something? Mostly BANS Vehicles On 14th Street

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