One great thing about hustling in and out of the latest vehicles is that we do get to see the latest and greatest from all of today's automakers. And, given how important technology is, there's a greater emphasis on delivering better experiences from all angles.

An example of just one way manufacturers have spiffed up rides is with hip nighttime lighting. We're not just talking about LED headlights and taillights anymore folks. And we're not talking about interior ambient lighting. More like the "puddle lights" that greet occupants as they walk up to/depart their vehicle. Land Rover uses a silhouette of the model. In BMW's M vehicles you get the "M" logo and tri-color stripe. The Ford Mustang uses that iconic logo. You get the gist.

It's nifty.

But, what about other features and technology? Have YOU come across anything else in all-new vehicles you've driven?

One example that I found particularly smart was with the Kia Telluride. In its head's up display, it displays the Blind Spot Detection System's logos on each side of the car if you have someone in your way. In addition, it has traditional blind spot indicators in the mirrors. It's just a thoughtful inclusion to the head's up display so that you do not have to look to the mirrors or await a warning chime/sound.

Another cool feature was the Blind Spot View Monitor. When you engage your signal, the blind spot on the side of the vehicle that's turning is displayed right in your instrument panel. This has similarly been done before on Honda vehicles, however, it would display in the infotainment display that's centrally located. Although Kia's method is smaller, your eyes remain focused on what's ahead of you. This is particularly helpful in cities where bicyclists and motorcyclists split lanes.

All that said, I've got to ask: What's the NIFTIEST features or technology you've come across in the latest, all-new vehicles YOU'VE driven?

What's The Niftiest Feature Or Technology In The Latest All-new Vehicles You've Driven?

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