It's no secret in the car business that most of the people in the higher ranks (execs/designers/pr/etc) are strong liberals/globalists. Don't take our word for it, just listen to them wax on about how they're in a race to electrify all their products in record time. Read the writers that cover the auto circuit (most are from NY or CA so it's only natural that they echo the predominant NY Times marching orders) and when you get to the bottom of what they write, you'll see they're quite biased. Look at their ad campaigns, events and promotions. It becomes very evident when you look at things as a whole.

In other words, it seems they're ALL in and hedging their bets on one side of the political isle.

But what we want to know is should they be pushing THEIR personal politics or would the best strategy to roll right down the center and just be agnostic? Equal on BOTH sides?

So far this 'all in' electrical strategy is making them look foolish and honestly hurting their businesses.

And just let me clarify...we don't give a damn what your politics, lifestyle or views on just about anything are. We love everybody. We're just asking is leaning hard one way OR the other as a car company, the smartest thing for BUSINESS?

Spies, discuss.

Are Auto Companies HELPING Or HURTING Their Businesses By Being TOO Political? Shouldn't Agnosticism Be The Best Strategy?

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