I love randomly going out and checking out car dealers in different areas of the country to feel the pulse of the business and hear the latest sales pitches.

And this morning, I was reading an interesting article on a guy who owned a lot of car dealerships that sold most of them in 2016, because he saw the business as a "Horror Show'.

Well, after my visit to a local Hyundai dealership, I can report the 'Horror Show', is still in full effect.

Lack of product knowledge, shady website ads and a puzzle as complex as reaching a human being at Google when you try to figure out the 'bottom line' price are just part of the dentist-like experience.

In the words of George Costanza from Seinfeld, "It's like entering the THUNDERDOME."

I felt sorry for the sales guy because you could read the un-comfort of having to do business this way in his face.

Which made me wonder...With people having years of experience of things like going to the Apple store, ordering something on Prime and having on their doorstep in less than an hour, WHY does THIS experience STILL exist when you go to the car dealer?

EVERY step of the way is a hassle at the car dealer. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. And if you think it's over once you've negotiated the deal, oh no, you're about to go into the finance office to deal with the grim reaper hammering you on LoJacks and warranties.

Spies, tell us WHY must it be this way? It MUST be working because it's not only going on at the Hyundai dealer I visited.

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In Today's Apple Store, Amazon Prime Style World, WHY Is Dealing With Car Dealers STILL A Horror Show?

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