Over the past handful of years, we've been critical of Acura. And it's not because we have beef with the marque.

We just know it is capable of SO much more. We'd love to see the brand restore what it was known for in the 1990s: Making great products that are compelling over the competition.

Perhaps the Genesis G70 has given Acura a reason to take itself more seriously. That's because it is resurrecting the Type S variant.

When I showed the Spies the press release, it was clear that many folks are digging what Acura has done here. BUT, you have to keep in mind: It is only a concept. In other words, it will get distilled from concept to production.

Having said that, I was wondering: Is THIS the Acura we've been waiting for this WHOLE time? Something with attitude and "juice?"

What say you, Spies? Get a closer look via the video below.

If "Precision Crafted Performance" is part of your mission statement, you'd better have something in the line up to back that up. Welcome back the Type S from Acura. Just a concept now, Acura promises that performance products, starting with the second-get TLX, are coming. Based on how this thing looks, we can't wait.

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VIDEO: DETAILED! We Get A Closer Look At The Acura TLX Type S — Is THIS The Acura We've Been Waiting For?

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