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Chinese are definitely persistent. In their own domestic market terms, they have huge and well-developed car industry, while attempts to concur outside the world were not so successful. After many crash test debacles, the foolish attempt of Qoros at European premium segment failed, an attempt of MG revival and other misfortunate happenings, we have to admit that Chinese have started to learn from mistakes. Upcoming Lynk &Co is nothing short of remarkable and worthy of the European market, while attempts at hypercar league have been successful from the start. Nio has recently revealed EP9 electric hypercar which immediately broke many records, but it is track only thing. Now, prepare for first pure Chinese hypercar that you can actually drive on your way to work (?). It has arrived as 2018 Techrules Ren

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2018 Techrules Ren – Rimac just lost its crown

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