Audi is working on an expansion of its electric lineup, and the latest in line to get such a version is the RS 6. The resulting model is referred to as the RS 6 e-tron, and there has already been an in-house reveal that left the audience speechless. This time, nobody snapped a photo of it and leaked it online, as it was an event just for managers, but we can still hope to see it rather sooner than later.

Now, we already know that Audi is set to become EV-only in Europe from 2033, with a few exceptions in other markets, but it will still launch a few ICE vehicles by 2026. Some of those last ICEs are set to be memorable, to say the least. The last Audi with a combustion engine should be revealed in 2025, at least from what we can gather from previous statements of brand officials.

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2024 Audi RS6 E-tron Confirmed And It Will Be a Looker

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