The comparison we've finally been waiting for is here courtesy of the latest Autobild. The review should follow on their website in perhaps a week or two.

NEWSBOT sources have, however, given us the insights into the article together with the results.

1st place: BMW 750i (677 / 750 points)
Verdict: Agile, dynamic and roomy, the new BMW 750i edges out the S class by a mere 8 points. The suspension comfort is average but it makes up for this fault with comfortable and ergonomically shaped seats.
+Best agility and handling in class
+Very roomy
+Characterful engine
+Interior workmanship
+Good fuel economy
+Very comfortable seats
-Average comfort
-Hard suspension
-Luggage compartment relatively small

2nd place: Mercedes S500 (669 / 750 points)
Verdict: The S class is the most comfortable car in this comparison. It is quiet, roomy, refined and handles well. Price and costs are high though. A car that does everything right and nothing wrong.
+Very comfortable
+Very roomy
+Interior workmanship
+Great engine
+Very large trunk and payload capacity
-Expensive prices and costs
-Fuel economy

3rd place: Lexus LS460 (621 / 750 points)
Verdict: The LS lacks the agility of its European rivals and furthermore falls behind in overall comfort. The brakes are weak and need improvement. On the plus side it comes well equipped and is very quiet.
+Good value
+Refined and powerful engine
+Roomy interior
-Extremely poor resale value
-Cheap interior
-Low payload and trunk capacity
-Poor brakes
-Confusing cockpit ergonomics
-Navigation system not accessible during driving
-Fuel economy

4th place: Audi A8 4.2 Quattro (612 / 750 points)
Verdict: The A8 is showing its age. Traction and agility are good, but comfort needs to improve. Safety wise it is also outclassed in this comparison.
+Powerful engine
+Good traction
+Interior workmanship
-Low safety features
-Average comfort
-Fuel economy

Autobild: BMW 750i vs Audi A8 4.2 Quattro vs Mercedes S500 vs Lexus LS460

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