The powerful new Audi RS5 has finally arrived on our shores but can it match the might of the legendary BMW M3? To find out The Wheel Deal headed off to Zwartkops Raceway for a heated battle royal.

Monday. 07h30. While most people are caught in traffic on their way to a mundane office job I’m standing in the pit lane of Zwartkops Raceway: a challenging circuit that twists through the veld just outside Pretoria. Blipping a key fob, the sound of unlocking doors cracks the still morning air as I walk towards a BMW M3 Coupé gleaming beneath the AM haze.

It’s here because Munich’s archrivals, Audi, have just decided to unleash their brand new RS5 upon our shores. Needless to say, the BMW feels the need to reinstate its dominance with a dogfight. And that, pushing the Start button, is just what it’ll get.

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