Every day you keep reading about the momentum Tesla is gaining, sedans have died, American's only want trucks and suv's, etc.

And then on TOP of that, EVERY German Tesla competitor is pretty much a FLOP or will NEVER have mainstream success in the USA. Or it least the signals of a great outcome are nowhere to be found yet.

It must be frustrating in those teutonic metal towers they sit in as they watch their futures diminishing by the day.

About a year ago I predicted by 2029 the Germans would be as irrelevant as the Italians and the English in the USA consumer market.

And I may have been wrong. It may happen SOONER.

As I look at the direction they are on and the strategies they've shared of what their businesses will be like I must say I not only think they're wrong, but I think it's at a point now that one of them, followed by all, needs to do a COMPLETE reset of where they are going product wise.

I think they're being led down a rat hole on this race to go all electric.

Not saying electrics don't have a place and a slice of their business, but they need to innovate outside the Tesla bubble.

So Spies, tell us your thoughts on this and WHO should be the first German company to RESET from the ground up?

The hourglass is emptying quickly.

Do The Germans Need To Hit The RESET Button On ALL Their Product Strategies? And If SO, WHO Should Go FIRST?

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