Late Friday evening, we broke the most extensive gallery of iPhone 5 samples in our gallery and the response has been huge.

Over 100,000 views and counting!

And even now, we cannot find a LARGER set of sample photos anywhere.

But the key improvement on the new iPhone 5's camera is that it is supposed to perform better in low light.

NOT so perfect lighting conditions. The great nemesis of most digital cameras.

So how does the iPhone 5 do?

First iPhone 5 Photo Samples Full Gallery

(Panoramic sample at night below)

Well, you'll see that it is definitely better than the 4s but don't worry Nikon and Canon just yet.

Your space is safe.

For now.

We'll go so far as to make a prediction that you're hearing FIRST here.

In 2013, look for Apple to stand the digital camera world on its ear with the MOST advanced pocket digital in history.

Imagine something like the Android camera just announced at PhotoKina but GOOD. With software capabilities never seen on cameras before. Kind of like how they changed the world of cellphone interfaces...

Kudos to Apple for the improvements and for what's in development.

The iPhone 5 is definitely the best low-light cell phone camera yet.

We're interested to see the new Nokia performance but that is not available to us yet.

Remember, megapixel stats don't tell the whole story on cameras.

Real-life samples do.

The Android cameras brag about high megapixels but in our tests they are NO match for the iPhone.

Especially when the lighting gets dicey.

Take a look at the samples and you decide.

And oh by the way that IS a Lexus dealership with a gourmet restaurant in the photos.

It's Lexus of Escondido and the restaurant is called Vintana.

We guarantee you that YOUR Lexus dealer is NO WAY as cool as this.

Definitely, the coolest Lexus dealership on the planet. Complete with their own JUMBOTRON mounted on the building!

We have put together the largest, most comprehensive set of iPhone 5 photo samples on the net for you to judge.

We did NOTHING to the photos. No tripods, no photoshop, nada. For better or for worse.

Just straight from iPhone 5 to our gallery. Pretty impressive in low light for a smartphone camera.

If we did retouch, we could have made them look MUCH better!

Special thanks to Lexus for use of the 2013 GS350 and to for getting us some cool iPhone 5 cases FIRST!

First iPhone 5 Photo Samples Full Gallery

**The 2012 Paris Motor Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus

2012 Paris Motor Show Preview Photo Gallery

EXCLUSIVE: First Photo Samples Of How The iPhone 5 Performs In NOT SO Perfect Lighting Conditions. Plus The Coolest Lexus Dealership On Earth.

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