One Ford customer got more than they bargained for during a recent trip to an Electrify America charging station. During the process of topping off their F-150 Lightning, they heard a loud boom before both the charger and the truck went dead. Now, the owner is waiting for a resolution while their truck sits idle, hundreds of miles from home.

That customer is Eric Roe, an electric vehicle enthusiast. He owns not just the F-150 but an electric Kia Niro with some 66,000 miles on it. He’s been around his fair share of electric chargers and vehicles so you can imagine his surprise when the truck and charger stopped working.

To make matters worse, he was in Newport, OR, on a road trip some 1,000 miles away from home with family and two dogs in tow. Once the loud boom happened he contacted both Electrify America and Ford but ultimately needed roadside assistance. A tow truck had to drag the car out of the space and onto the flatbed since it wouldn’t go into neutral.

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Ford F-150 Lightning Bricks While Charging - ICE Tow Truck Hauls It Away

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