It's been an exciting week here at since we launched our new format incorporating AutoCast Technology.

We pleased to announce traffic has increased over 30% in less than a week!

We find that rather amazing because this is traditionally one of the slowest times of the year.

We've also been featured in the press quite a bit with over 600 media outlets picking up our press release.

We're also extremely thankful for all the user contributions and forecast that user content generation will be growing significantly over time.

Even though the site is new as of last week, we are constantly working in the background to tweak and fine tune the new system.

We fixed a few small bugs (registrations,etc.)and added more functionality like having the 'read article' link below the story rather than making you mouse all the way back up to the top to click on the story link.

Our goal is to make the user experience unequalled for our loyal readers.

One area you can help us with is by exercising your right to vote by clicking the 'BOOST IT' icon in the top left corner of the article.

That will do a number of things...

One, it will let us know what kind of content you prefer most so we can tailor our stories to fit your need better.

Two, you will acknowledge the hard work and effort put in by all the writers and encourage them to do more and better work in the future.

Finally, and most importantly, you will be voicing your pleasure or displeasure to the manufacturers by showing the power of collective opinion!

No other site is watched and tracked as closely as by manufacturers and other areas of the automotive landscape.

We're trying to change the automotive world here and we need 100% effort from our entire team.

Thank you again for your loyalty and patience as we 'pave the way into the future' for automotive manufacturers and media around the world.

All the best,

Agents 001 and 004.

p.s. Here's a tip for all the traditionalists who like to see everything we produce in one long list..

Just click the 'Click for More Auto News' link on the right side of our homepage in the User Submissions: Most Recent Area to see everything in one master list, published chronologically..

Let the world know how you feel! Don't forget to vote for stories you like!

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