Honda is quietly confident the new NSX will outperform the R35 Nissan GT-R.

The team at Holiday Auto (Japan) are working very hard to bring the latest news about the upcoming Acura NSX and their latest report includes one or two surprises. The first of which is the 5.5L V10 engines adoption of VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) which is a direct result of increasing oil prices and Honda’s own desire not to be seen as a manufacturer which has no regard for the environment when it comes to high performance cars. Apparently the new 5.5L V10 will use VCM to shut down one bank of cylinders in constant speed driving situations which will reduce its capacity to 2.75 liters. The new V10 will be manufactured on a special line at Honda’s new factory in Saitama prefecture. Torque has been confirmed at 60.0kg/m and a massive output of 600ps through all four wheel is expected to be produced. You could say that the V10 is basically a 10 cylinder version of the LE-A 4500cc V8 which will power the next generation Acura RL, although the ‘V’ angle of the V10 will be 90 degrees whereas the V8 will be 72 degrees, making the NSX’s V10 truly unique. Special pistons and conrods, as well as a dry sump and fully balanced internals are other features of the new V10. The body of the NSX along with the RL will be assembled by specially trained craftsmen at a new plant being built in Ogawamachi, the reason being to allow parts sharing between the two models and to enable the same high level of build quality.

Despite a comprehensive equipment list and the heavy SH-AWD drivetrain the NSX is still expected to tip the scales at just under 1500kg. For a big two seater coupe that kind of weight is worth noting, especially considering the incredible performance of the much heavier Nissan GT-R. The aerodynamic package of the NSX is said to include front fender slits which will help expel air from the engine bay and reduce lift, as well as and underbody design incorporating the front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser which will also help direct air from the engine bay and channel it under the car to the rear diffuser. Using knowledge obtained from their Formula One program the underbody aerodynamics in conjunction with the rear spoiler will dramatically reduce lift and add downforce which is said to make the car extremely stable at speeds up to and over 300km/h. The Acura NSX will follow its predecessor and have different sized wheels and tires, with Bridgestone RE070R 255/30R19 up front and 295/35R20 at the rear.

As far as performance is concerned, the natural rival of the NSX is the R35 Nissan GT-R but this is not to say that it will be priced and optioned in a similar fashion. The upcoming Acura NSX is expected to sell for around 16,000,000 yen and its true rivals are said to be the Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin Vanquish. This of course means that the NSX will have much higher standard materials and fit and finish compared to the previous NSX and buyers will certainly feel that the asking price is justified. Being a true luxury sports car won’t impede on its abilities at the circuit though, once the Nissan GT-R’s time of 7:29.00 at Nurburgring has been achieved Holiday Auto say Honda are sure to continue on and try for a time faster than the Nissan GT-R Spec V!

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