We have to admit we might not say this often enough, but Lexus has hit a home run with the new RX for 2016.  Yeah you can pick yourself up off the floor, this time they did it right and the new RX retains a familiar but much more contemporary look in this 4th generation.

With over 2 million examples sold since its inception it was abundantly clear this redesign was critical and it was essential to bring the design current while not losing its original appeal.  We think they have hit the nail on the head with this one, and dare we say it, might make more than one German competitor look a bit dated. 

Check these LIVE shots from the floor of the New York Auto Show and clue in on your take.  Are you as impressed as we are?

The 2015 New York Auto Show Photo Galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

New York Auto Show


#NYIAS: Feast Your Eyes On The BEST Shots Yet Of The All New 2016 Lexus RX Exterior - Have They Knocked It Out Of The Park?

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