To really stand out, the Tesla Model S 2.0 will have to bet on its style, which we imagine today with great anticipation. Unsurprisingly, the electric sedan would follow the trend initiated by the Tesla styling department by adopting sharper lines, including elements of the stylistic language of the new Tesla Roadster . 

It would be particularly noticeable at the front without a grille, with a piercing look and a sloping hood.
The curves of the wings would also give way to projecting ridges simulating between the body folds of the channels intended to promote air flow. To limit drag and aerodynamic noise, traditional mirrors could disappear in favor of a device by cameras. Their position would be reminiscent of the units of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept , but could also vaguely evoke the fins of the James Bond Lotus Esprit, dear to Elon Musk.

With function dictating shape, the stern of the next Tesla Model S would be more plump than the pointed bow suggests. A choice that would improve the livability of the large sedan, which would further increase the volume of the trunk and would again accommodate the two rear seats rearward facing. The heritage of the Tesla Roadster would still be present with 3D optics in LED strips.

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