Former First Daughter Sasha Obama has been filmed rapping the N-word while lip-syncing to a profanity-filled song in a viral TikTok video.

'All these n****s wanna f**k JT / Hellcat, this a SRT,' she lip-syncs in the clips as she and her friend take turns reciting the song's lyrics.

The original video was very quickly deleted from TikTok as soon as commenters spotted that Sasha was featured, it has been re-posted multiple times on Twitter and other social media platforms.

So here's our question...Kids will be kids and we all do stupid things but wouldn't you think she'd be all about TESLA? Tell us WHY it's ALL about HELLCATS and SRT's to today's teens?

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Sasha Obama SHOCKS With RACY Rapping Viral TikTok Video. Do We Learn From This Kids Prefer HELLCAT'S And SRT'S Over TESLA'S?

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