The S-Class has always been the top selling luxury flagship sedan over its long and stories existence. At times competition from BMW, Lexus and more recently Audi has given it a challenge here and there. With an ever increasing amount of challengers it would appear that the S-Class would have its most difficult time yet, but that that is not the case. Mercedes has got its latest S-Class so right in its design and all other aspects that it is crushing its competition with no mercy. This isn't a Kentucky basketball road to perfection streak but rather a Ronda Rousey beatdown. Certainly the S-Class is the newest one in its immediate class but in the US it's also delivering these numbers without six cylinder entry level versions. A quick drive around Mitt Romney's La Jolla neighborhood backs up the numbers with anecdotal evidence that the S-Class is the go to luxury method of transportation. There are photos of the upcoming next generation 7 Series out there and it doesn't look to have what it takes. Audi has more time with its next A8 but Mark Lichte has more work to do. In fact, the same drive points out that the S-Class' closest competitor doesn't come from Germany at all but rather it's the American Tesla.

Can the future competition challenge the S-Class?

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The One Graph That Illustrates The S-Class Dominance

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