While the Detroit Auto Show was beaming with high power debuts, Chevy took the show as an opportunity to go beyond its second generation Volt and present its Bolt concept with the promise of 200 miles of all electric range for only thirty (gov. assisted) thousand dollars. This works out to be about four times the range of the second generation Volt for the same money. While impressive, Elon Musk made a promise of his own that the eventual Tesla Model 3 will be even cheaper than the Bolt with a starting price of 35,000 before any incentives. With Chevy throwing down the gauntlet and following previous forecasting fun let's see what an eventual Tesla Model 3 might bring to the table power and performance wise. Range is king for EVs and with Chevy hoping for hoping for 200 miles of range and Nissan mentioning 240 for its next Leaf there is no way that Tesla will go under 200 as the Model S is EPA rated at 208 in its base form. As a performance brand the Model 3 should easily dispatch the Bolt, Volt and Leaf from a stop but how well will it compare to other EVs and can an eventual high performance version battle the likes of AMG, F, M, RS and V models?

What kind of performance are you expecting from the Model 3? Something closer to the Volt or more along the line of a sport sedan? Can its eventual performance version compete with the likes of the M3?

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What Kind of Performance Can We Expect From The Tesla Model 3?

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