Dateline 9-9-2019. Location: #IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

The world's largest motor show is about to get underway in Frankfurt, Germany in a few hours. If you've never been imagine the convention center in your town full of cars and multiply the building twelve times over. No, we're NOT kidding. The show is MASSIVE. Major Brands like BMW, Mercedes, etc. have their OWN buildings to showcase their offers. You name the model, it's there. Gas cars, performance cars, Diesels, SUV's, Trucks, on and on. And alternative vehicles and EV's.

But you know the funny thing about this show and most shows and launches these last few years?

If you read the mainstream media coverage, you'd THINK the ONLY vehicles there were alternative and EV's.

If you left it up to them, you'd think NOTHING ELSE is there.

Alternative vehicles and EV's are STILL less than 2% of the market.

Yet, if you read the coverage on say CNN which we've linked to here, it's as if the combustion engine has been discontinued.

Which leads us to the question...Is the mainstream media doing MORE damage to the car business and sales of traditional vehicles than any other force?

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IAA: Is The Media Hurting The Car Biz WORSE Than Anyone? Based On Their Frankfurt Motor Show Coverage You'd Think They Were Only Showing EV's.

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