As we've discussed many times previously, the automotive industry is particularly cyclical. From the types of products to the actual brands themselves, there's highs and there's lows.

In fact, I recently just made it clear that it appears the folks at Mercedes-Benz, who were crushing it for a couple years, have ended its hot streak. It is no longer "on fire" with all-new product launches. We're awaiting to see the best manufacturer with the most compelling product portfolio emerge.

But the three-pointed star is far from being the only brand to take a hit in 2019.

So, we've got to wonder: WHICH brand has lost the MOST buzz and love in 2019?

While I've got a couple in mind, I am far more interested in the Spies perspective. Let 'er rip!

NAME and SHAME! WHICH Brand Has Lost The MOST Buzz And Love In 2019?

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