Since the unveil of the all-new, C8 Chevrolet Corvette, we've been pretty keen on General Motors' latest-gen 'Vette. That's because this stands to be a potential game changer.

As of now we know it is a lot of car in a tidy package. While we suspect most will sell above the $80,000 mark, it still offers a tremendous amount of performance for the money.

But, what about style?

The all-new Corvette brings something new to the table. And that's a greater emphasis on colors, wheels, options and greater opportunities for personalization. This was never a strong suit for the Corvette but this is something that the product team clearly spent a lot of time on.

That said, a YouTube video by Miracle Whips has put together a clip that shows the 2020 Corvette in all of the available colors. What makes it better than the rest is it has multiple views of each color. That way you see it in different lighting and settings.

So, WHICH color is for YOU?

VIDEO: WHICH Color Would YOU Be Ordering Your C8 2020 Chevrolet Corvette In? ALL Seen In ONE Place...

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