One of things you would learn about me if you knew me personally is that I like people like Kanye West who think for themselves, NO MATTER what they like or support. I may not agree with them but people who stand for something they believe in and aren't followers of the masses impress me.

And there is NO ONE out there who is more their own man than him in the last few years.

Back before the holidays we featured him with his really cool vehicle on his ranch in Wyoming with his dad.

Well today, he made a personal statement that is bound to be polarizing and furthers his think for himself image.

In the upcoming issue of GQ he endorses Donald Trump and tells the world he will vote for him.

No doubt, this is sure to create a heck of alot of controversy because his endorsement carries A LOT of weight with the youth. Especially, minority youth.

But back to the vehicle....Who WOULDN'T want a test drive in that to see what it's capable of????

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Kanye West Shows That NO ONE Controls How He Should Think Whether With Cars, Faith, Or His Decision To Endorse And Vote For Trump

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