So here's the leak STRAIGHT OUTTA NASHVILLE...

I know, I know - another person with speculative info on an upcoming car, I'll just say I have a lot of family in TN....

The Z35 will still be a "Fairlady Z" in Japan, all other markets the Z35 will be called "Nissan Z"

MSRP: $34,995 (this is for the base with 0 options)
There will be 2 packages
- Base: 0 options.
- Type S: Brembos, thicker sways, coolers, other stuff.
- Type T: Leather, Power Seats, Heated and Cooled, Auto cruise, blind spot, etc
- Type ST: Both S and T Packages
- Each package will be roughly 5k each, ST will set you back 10k

Base gets Akebonos, Sport or Nismo get the Brembos - No more floating calipers.

All cars get...
- The 400hp Flavor of VR30DDTT
- The Digital Dash
- Android Auto / Car Play
- Rear Duckbill

Dry Weight = 3,252lbs

The Auto we're seeing on the Gunmetal and Silver cars is the Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic, no more 7 speed.
- Yes, it's still a torque converter Auto
- No, it's not as nice as the ZF8 (based on what I can find online, I've never driven anything with this transmission personally)
- It's better than the Jatco 7spd we all know now
- This transmission is already in the Titan and it will soon be in every Nissan / Infiniti RWD vehicle (including the Qs)

Yes, this car really is a 370Z with a Body Kit and a VR30 Swap and the chassis was massaged.......heavily (more aluminum, more bracing, carbon fiber)
- "370Z Sport" is the new "Base" (thicker sways, wider forged wheels, etc)
- "370Z Nismo" is the new "Sport" (even wider wheels, thicker sways, bracing)
- There is a Nismo version won't just be a body kit, exhaust, tune and some badges this time

The 6 spd manual is a carryover from the 370Z

There are 3 USDM Production cars in the US for a Dealer's Meeting and for journalist afterwards to review.

White 2 Tone: Stick, Sport, no pics have leaked (yet)
Silver 2 Tone: Auto, Touring
Gunmetal: Auto, Base

There is not a roadster in the cards right now, sorry folks.
Nissan is gunning for the Supra and the Mustang but it's main target is the Supra - make no mistake.
I don't have Nismo Info other than "Brembos" and "Baby GT-R"

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LEAKED! STRAIGHT OUTTA NASHVILLE! AMAZING Details And Pricing On The RETURN Of The Nissan 'Z' Car Or 400z

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