After Tesla tequila (which Elon Musk wanted to call ‘Teslaquila’ but that didn’t work out), could Tesla also sell a burger and fries? Well, that is a distinct possibility as the automaker is expected to give a new Supercharger station location a bit of a retro twist - a 1950s-inspired Supercharger location is something Elon has alluded to over the years, but we never actually though he was serious about it.

Yet apparently he is and it is already known where this retro Supercharger will be built and some of the features it will offer. For instance, aside from the rapid charging stations themselves, there will also be a diner (1950s-inspired, apparently) as well as a drive-in movie theater part where clips from iconic films will be shown.

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Elon Musk Announces Retro Style Supercharging Station With Drive In Movies And A Classic 50's Style Diner

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