It's Father's Day Weekend and it's time to salute all the great Dad's out there and wish them a great, fun weekend.

I was lucky having an amazing dad who was also a car guy. I learned so much about life from him and the icing on the cake was great car advice AND car memories.

He would always go car shopping with me and we had a blast. But my favorite car related memories was when he would sneak in the back of dealers inventory lots (he was a Chrysler/Dodge guy..Polara, Monaco, always 383 and 440 motors) AFTER HOURS with me and show me where they HID the new model year cars on the back row.

The cars would always show up the last week of September and would be announced the first week of October during the football games.

When he'd take me to the back row to see the next model year cars would get out with a flashlight and he would walk around the cars with me pointing out all the changes. Was SO fun!

My father Charlie was the BEST!

SO now it's time for YOU to give tribute to YOUR dad!

What is your favorite car memory with dad and what was the best car advice he ever gave you?

Happy Father's Day Dads from Auto Spies!

FATHERS DAY 2021: What Was The BEST Car Advice And Best Car Memory Of You And Your Dad?

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