If you're a true car lover like us thinking about them truly never ends.

It's a pretty good bet also that you're thinking about all kinds of rides INCLUDING non-traditional vehicles like EV's.

DON'T lie, even if you're an ICE person all the way you CANNOT say you haven't wondered or imagined what it would be like to own, say a Tesla.

Not that you've seriously considered BUYING one but you have at least thought through what it might be like to live day to day with one.

And we're sure a percentage of or audience owns an EV or two and may NEVER go back to an ICE vehicle.

But guess what?

There is no WRONG answer.

We tell everyone, do your research and BUY what you LIKE!

So we thought we would ask this question to all of you and see if there is a trend...

Give us your NUMBER ONE reason FOR buying an EV and your top choice for why you'd be AGAINST getting one?

TGIF Spies! Discuss!

What Is YOUR Number One Reason FOR Going EV And Your Top Argument AGAINST One?

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