ELECTRIC CAR chargers may not function during peak hours to avoid overloading the national electricity grid, according to legislation announced by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps.

As of May 30 next year, any new home charger being installed must be a “smart” charger, connected to the internet and able to employ pre-sets that limit their ability to function from 8am to 11am and 4pm to 10pm. This is to avoid putting the electricity grid under stress at times of peak demand, potentially preventing blackouts.
The government will also be able to impose a “randomized delay” of 30 minutes on individual chargers in certain areas to prevent grid spikes at other times.

What are your opinions and do you think the USA will follow soon?

And if it IS, will it change your mind CONSIDERING owning an EV?

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COMING SOON TO THE USA? HOME EV Chargers To SHUT OFF Automatically At Peak Times? It's Happening In The UK. Are We NEXT?

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