The market for compact sports cars is shrinking but Toyota and Subaru both agree that the 86 and BRZ were worth updating for a second generation.


The outgoing 86 and BRZ only account for a tiny percentage of U.S. sales for the Japanese automakers. Toyota sold only 2,476 examples of the 86 last year, accounting for just 0.13 per cent of its U.S. sales. Meanwhile, Subaru shifted 2,267 units of the BRZ in 2020, or 0.37 per cent of its U.S. sales. However, Toyota has delivered nearly 80,000 examples since the model’s introduction in 2012 while Subaru has sold nearly 43,000 BRZs.

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Both Toyota And Subaru Agree That A New 86 And BRZ Is Worthwhile

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