You've heard me say a million times that Auto Spies readers are the most astute and savvy car people on the planet.

And it's NOT just words.

They bring great knowledge and opinions you won't find on any other site.

Need ANOTHER example?

How about THIS?!

Long time reader Jeff Gall SPIED something on the 2022 Range Rover than even WE didn't notice until he pointed it out!

Look CLOSELY at this photo of the lady inside the cabin. Notice something different and something we've NEVER seen before on the RR that SO MANY PEOPLE have SORELY wanted and REQUESTED??

We're talking a Garage à Trois! THREE ROWS OF SEATS IN A RANGE ROVER!

Look at the window and the armrest and it gives it away.

Sure, the off-road purists will be pissed but let us ask you this. How many sales have they LOST to other vehicles over the years by NOT having a third row option? MORE, than they will ever admit.

So hats off to Jeff and his AGENT skills!

Let us know your thoughts of his BOND-LIKE spy skills and if you think he is right about the third row!

Just another reason to SPY before you BUY!

EXCLUSIVE! SAVVY Auto Spies Reader SPIES A FIRST-EVER New Feature On The 2022 Range Rover!

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