Australia is a land of great distances, with its major capital cities all far apart, sometimes with little development in between. Nowhere is this more true than the Nullabor Plain, a stretch of flat, nearly-treeless land stretching for 684 miles between South Australia and Western Australia. It's perhaps the last place you'd expect to find an EV, but a Polestar 2 recently made the crossing with the help of a new fast charger installed on the desolate route as reported by

The roadhouse at Caiguna is the location of the new BiØfil charger, which uses a generator powered by waste cooking oil for fast charging EVs. The invention of retired engineer Jon Edwards, the charger's reliance on nominally carbon-neutral fuel was a cheaper way to go versus building a solar-powered system, which would have been five times more expensive.

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Australia Opens First EV Charging Station Powered By Burning Fry Oil

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