MINI today announced that it will try to help customers pass the time as they wait for their new cars by sending them a puzzle. A select number, though, will get a puzzle that isn’t available in stores dues to its massive scale.



Called the “WE’RE-WORKING-HARD-TO-GET-YOU-YOUR-CAR, WAITING-IS-THE-WORST, IN-THE-MEANTIME-HAPPY-PUZZLING, MINI PUZZLE”, or the “Not So MINI” puzzle for short, the toy will feature a life-size image of the car on it.

The puzzle comes as a response to the long wait times that have become common for new cars. The MINI brand, in particular, has been hit hard, and it has been required to stop producing manual models altogether due to supply chain issues. Although just a temporary measure, it’s indicative of the difficulties the automaker faces.

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MINI Sends Out Life Sized Puzzles For Buyers Suffering From Delivery Delays

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