esla's Autopilot system, with its "Full Self-Driving Capability" option, is none of the things its name says it is: it's neither a true autopilot, nor is it capable of fully driving itself. Instead, it's an advanced driver assist system that can help ease a driver's workload while on a highway or clearly marked city streets. However, it's far from a perfect system, as this new video from YouTube channel Beta Tech OG shows, when his Model 3 almost drove itself into an oncoming train.

In this video, the drivers tests the Autopilot system, with the Full Self-Driving option, through the streets of Denver, Colorado. During the nearly 18-minute video, the Model 3 almost hits several things, causing the driver to eventually call it a bad drive for Tesla. However, two of its errors were more egregious than the others and one of those two nearly saw the Tesla get hit by one of Denver's light rail trains, as it attempted to turn left in the train's path.

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WATCH: Self Driving Tesla Almost Runs Into Oncoming Train

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