Tesla fit and finish is trash!

Did you hear about those Chevy Bolt fires?!

The big screen on my new Lightning has already died!

I could go on.

When it comes to EV's just like with ICE cars everyone likes THEIR brand and they LOVE bashing the others.

Your Tesla sucks! No your Rivian is a joke!

You get it.

You can have an endless pissing contest but in the end if we're all honest, this is all pretty new tech still.

From what I see looking from the outside in, no one is making 1990's LS Lexus quality and who knows if they'll even get close.

So the question I pose tonight is do YOU trust the QUALITY and RELIABILITY of ANY EV on the market right now or coming soon?

and here's one of many articles discussing it


TELL THE TRUTH! Do YOU TRUST The Quality And Reliability Of ANYONE'S EV's?

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