Infiniti announced today that it will not carry the Infiniti Q60 into the 2023 model year, killing one of the last genuinely sporty vehicles it makes. From here on out, the brand will focus on its more popular models, including better-selling crossovers and SUVs. Infiniti told CarBuzz that production would run through the end of this year.

It's, unfortunately, a familiar story.

An automaker kills its sports car due to poor sales, choosing to focus instead on luxury SUVs, crossovers, and those darned profits everyone is going on about all the time. Then, everyone takes to the internet to mourn another dead model, and here we are again. We can't say we're surprised to see the Q60 go, as we predicted its demise in August last year.

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Infiniti Kills Off The Q60 Sport Sedan - Brand To Emulate Acura In Predictability

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