The the Chicago Police Department didn’t appreciate protestors efforts to make cars actually stop at an often-run red light last week. The Chicago Police Department’s solution? Just let the light run green for five minutes. Apparently, they decided it was better to maroon pedestrians on the side of a busy 10 lane road than hold drivers accountable to existing traffic laws. And the worst part is, the city seems to have signed on with the decision.


This story starts with the traffic death of Gerardo Marciales, who was hit by a red light runner as he attempted to cross Chicago’s massive 10-lane road, DuSable Lake Shore Drive at Balbo Drive, to access a biking trail in February of this year. Pedestrians are given only 45 seconds to cross this 125-foot stretch of concrete that features some of the heaviest traffic in the city.

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Chicago Renders Intersection Impassable To Pedestrians Rather Than Enforce Red Light Laws

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