Test drives are important, but they can sometimes end in tears, as Tarek Salah found out recently while going for a ride in an early Ferrari F355 he was looking to buy.

Having flown from Los Angeles, California, to Marseilles, France to test drive the car, he was understandably excited. Sadly, while sitting in the passenger seat on the highway, the car started to smoke and eventually burned to the ground.


In the opening to the video, he says, from the passenger seat, that “it’s been a dream of mine to drive a ‘355 on the streets of France.” Indeed, it seems a rather nice drive, because, as Salah notes, the car was a “very well maintained” example that had been kept by a “very meticulous enthusiast” who had owned it for years.


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WATCH: Man Test Drives His Ferrari F355 Dream Car Only To Watch It Burn To The Ground

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